Skoot – Animal repellent

The most reliable repellent in Canada to keep rabbits, mice and deer away!

Protects dormant ornamentals, shrubs, nursery stock, young fruit trees, evergreens, hedges and perennials. This chemical repellent is distasteful but harmless to rabbits, mice and deer. The bad taste discourages feeding on any plants that have been treated with this product. Seldom is a second bite taken by the same pest.


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Stir well before using. Avoid freezing. Apply in temperatures over 4 degrees Celsius.

FOR PROTECTION AGAINST RABBITS : Treat before snowfall, the area of any plant that may be reached by the rabbit, even when standing on top of the deepest snow.

PROTECTION FROM MICE: Coat the base of the plants thoroughly any time during the late fall.

PROTECTION FROM DEER: More difficult and requires a light spraying of all susceptible plants.

May be applied undiluted with a paint brush or diluted with equal parts of water and applied with a pump-up or knapsack sprayer. Avoid application to nearby porous surfaces. Safe for these plants : dormant apple, ash, basswood, buckthorn, buffaloberry, cherry, crab apple, cranberry, dogwood, elm, euonymus, hackberry, honeysuckle, holly, indigo bush, juneberry, lespedeza, lilac, locust, magnolia, maple, olive, plum, poplar, prune, redbud, multiflora rose, tulip, viburnum and walnut.

Thiram 120g/L

4 (domestic product)


Registration number: 7715

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