DIY Kits for Cockroaches – Residential

Prepared just for you by our professionals!

This kit includes the following products :

– Residual liquid insecticide to treat the cupboards and perimeter of the rooms

– Spray insecticide for cracks and crevices

– Powder insecticide for inside the walls

– Pack of sticky traps to monitor the evolution of the extermination process

– Preparation and explication sheet on how to do the treatment






Onguard Pro-Perm (3.78L) : Residual liquid insecticide.

Use: Apply spray directly into cracks and crevices where these pests are found or may hide along and behind baseboards, moldings and floors underneath objects such as oven or fridge. Apply directly to insect if possible.
Active ingredients: Permethrin 0.35%
Contains sodium benzoate at 0.1% as a preservative. Health Canada Registration Number: 32333 PCP Act

PRO Pyrodust: Powder insecticide.

Use: Remove the electrical outlets and put the powder inside the walls and in all cracks and crevices (behind the counter, oven, fridge for example).
Active ingredients: Pyrethrin 0.2% + Piperonyle butoxyde 1.0%
Health Canada Registration Number: 13074
Net contents: 600 g

Knock Down Professional KD100P: Pressurized contact spray insecticide.

Use: Use the straw to spray all cracks and crevices.
Active ingredients: Permethrin 0.25 %
Health Canada Registration Number: 30810
Net contents: 439 g

Catchmaster 288-I Insect Trap And Monitor

Use: Install one trap behind every appliance in the kitchen (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, etc) and under each sink. Change the traps every week to monitor the evolution of the extermination.
15 traps (5 sheet of 3 traps)

Professionnals’ Guide : A treatment procedure that explains all the steps to control the infestation.

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