Knock Down Ant attack – Ant killer powder

Kills ants within 48 hours!
Contains only food grade diatomaceous earth.

Knock Down™ Ant attack™ is a form of amorphous silica consisting of fossilized remains of diatoms belonging into a major group of algae, one of the most common types of phyloplankton.



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Knock Down Ant attack – Ant killer powder

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Insects have a thin covering of wax that helps to prevent water loss from their bodies. Diatomaceous Earth kills insects through internal and external cutting action, which also causes the dehydration of insect pests. Insects crawl over the applied dust, the dust adheres to their body covering and within 2 days the insect will be killed. If attractants (baits) are added then the insect pests will also eat the powder, it will damage their gut and the insect will be killed. Knock Down™ Ant attack™ is a natural solution where insects will not develop a resistant to the active. Knock Down™ Ant attack™ is a great part of any good IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program.

Also for control of : Earwigs, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, ants, fleas, silverfish, bedbugs, crickets, grain insects.

For use with or without attractants, indoor and outdoor.

Apply to cracks and crevices, under and behind all appliances cupboards, and other places where insects are found. Use squeeze bottle to apply into cracks and crevices. When treating surfaces, apply as a thin film at the rate of 500 grams per 100 sq. meters.

When the powder is mixed and applied with attractants, the mixture attracts certain insects to stay longer on the treated surfaces and to eat the powder. The Diatomaceous Earth particles damage the insect’s guts and the insects lose water through damaged tissue (internal desiccation). Apply the mixture into cracks and crevices, or in discrete small piles under and behind appliances, furniture, cupboards and also cover surfaces using a thin film. Check baits periodically and vacuum or remove if moldy or otherwise spoiled.

(Mix from 25% to 50% in volume). Icing sugar, and/or cereal powder, and/or peanut or other nut powders, and/or powdered dried fruits, and/or powdered yeast, and/or soup mixes, and/or dried egg powder, and/or any other dried powder substance that attracts the insect.
Note : Wherever applied, the powder controls until it is washed away.

Silicon Dioxide 91.1% present as 100% Diatomaceous Earth

5 (domestic)

Registration number : 32665

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