Ant Out – Powdered ant killer

Facilitates the suppression of ants.
Contains only diatomaceous earth and food grade attractants.
For indoor and / or outdoor use.
Storage: 5 ° C to 35 ° C.



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This product takes advantage of the benefits of mineral diatom deposits which have been shown to be effective in reducing populations of crawling insects in and around homes. The patented manufacturing process for this product combines two food grade additives, one of which attracts ants while the other is a digestive ingredient. This formulation, by its internal and external abrasive action, usually kills ants in less than 48 hours. The powder is odorless and does not stain. This product is effective against insects as long as it is present.

QUANTITY USED: Dry powder – Lightly cover the targeted areas using 50g of product per 10 square meters.

OUTDOORS: For best results, use product where a powder application cannot be affected by heavy rain or strong winds. To control ants, lightly cover areas where these insects are seen or might be hiding, such as along building foundations, windows and door sills, on patios and porches, along ant trails, same as around gardens, hedges, shrubs and trees. Do not use on food crops.
INSIDE: To control ants, lightly cover areas where ants are seen or might hide, such as in cracks and crevices, behind and under appliances, cabinets, sinks and garbage cans, around pipe openings and drains, in attics and basements.

90% silicon dioxide (as diatomaceous earth)

5 (domestic product)

Type approval number: 21936

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