Rescue Disposable Fly Trap (Small)

What It Catches

The RESCUE! Dispensable Fly Trap disposes of basic disturbance or foulness flies – many the most predominant species including house flies, bogus stable flies, blow flies, blue and green container flies, tissue flies, face flies and numerous others.

How It Works



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Inside the RESCUE! Expendable Fly Trap is a lure that flies find overwhelming. This attractant is included food and feed fixings, and other food flavorings for the most part perceived as protected. The attractant breaks down and actuates when water is added to the sack. Attracted by the aroma, flies enter the snare through the yellow top cover and suffocate in the water.

Novel Features and Benefits

Complete with effective attractant

Simply add water to enact

Never contact the lure or the flies

Expendable when full

Makes up for lost time to 20,000 flies (indeed, we tallied them all!)

What Kills The Insects?

Once baited inside the snare, the flies can’t get away and suffocate in the water added to the pack.

Where and How To Use

Where it’s utilized

The RESCUE! Dispensable Fly Trap is expected for use outside. It will help control flies outside and shield them from getting inside. We suggest draping the snare around 20 feet from any open air living spaces.

Recommended areas for the snare include:

Close to a canine run or pet hotel

In an outbuilding with great air ventilation

Around poultry, swines, sheep, dairy and hamburger cows regions

Close to trash receptacles or dumpsters

Almost a fertilizer heap

Almost a campground

For those territories with weighty fly pervasions, for example, homesteads and farms, we made the RESCUE! Huge Bag Fly Trap.

Additional information

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Dimensions 8.27 × 8.27 × 4.73 cm
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